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Turnkey Hydraulic Projects
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Fluid Logic Systems Pvt. Ltd.
Hydraulic Power Pack
Hydraulic Manifold Blocks
Turnkey Projects Turnkey Projects
Our Range Our Range
Oil hydraulics is a convenient tool to achieve various automation functions in any machine. The force is generated through pressurized oil flow in requisite manner. Flexibility is the prime feature of hydraulics.

We are designing & manufacturing :
Custom built hydraulic power packs.
Custom built hydraulic manifold blocks.
Turnkey hydraulic projects.
Hydraulic Power Pack
Hydraulic Power PackThe assembly of various elements viz. pump-motor station, control valves, indicator gauges for pressure etc, strainers & filters, safety switches using pipes & fittings housed on an oil tank is popularly known as hydraulic power pack. This can fulfil actuation of the movements like pulling/pushing, lifting/lowering, pressing/stretching, clamping/releasing, moving and holding.
Hydraulic Manifold Blocks

Hydraulic Manifold BlocksHydraulic Manifold BlocksThe manifold block is normally a part of power pack. It is a pool of control valves for achieving any of the actuations viz. pulling/pushing, lifting/lowering, pressing/stretching, clamping/releasing, moving and holding.
Turnkey Projects
These are always different variety depending on customers’ requirements. To generalise one can say that every time there are major changes to be made in the system, it is a project- essentially key changes.
Our Range
Tank Size : 10 to 10,000 Litres capacity.
Connected power : 0.25HP & higher
Controls : Manual to PLC
Our Salient Features
Prompt and accurate designing of manifold block on special software to ensure compact, reliable and dependable manifold block assembly.
Energy efficient design.
Compact layout.
Low noise levels.
User Friendly arrangements.
Generally following DIN standards.
Better aesthetics.
100% leak-free installation on demand.
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