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Turnkey Hydraulic Projects
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Fluid Logic Systems Pvt. Ltd.
Success Stories
The starting of success stories lie in our belief of application development as under

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High Speed Surface Grinder
On a special purpose surface grinding machine achieved the jerk-less table speed up to 25m/min and arresting overshooting within 100mm. The table weight @ 2.5 MT

Deep Hole Drilling Machine
Deep Hole Drilling MachineCooling and filtration system for deep hole drilling machine with 300hp load, combined flow exceeding 4500ltrs/min. reservoirs capacity 18000ltrs.

Test Rig

Test RigHydraulic pump test rig for testing various types of pumps like gear pumps, fixed and variable vane pumps, variable piston pumps etc.

Online Extrusion Speed Control

The extrusion speed control achieved using a pair of cylinders, servo valves & Analogue Velocity Position Controller.
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